Silky and Walt: a western tale of misadventures
Silky and Walt

Return to a time in America when millions of buffalo roamed the Great Plains, Native Americans lived free and trappers sought their fortunes by overcoming tremendous obstacles in their search of the beaver. Walt Thornley, a seventeen-year-old farm boy, and Silky Hanson, a thirty-seven-year-old farm hand, become convinced they can find riches in the western Indian Territories of 1840 by trapping beaver and taking buffalo hides. Leaving Independence, Missouri in early May they stop for one last beer in Westport Landing where they meet Jerome, an easygoing alcoholic drifter who convinces the two farmers to let him join their venture. The three would-be trapper-hunters enter the Great Plains with few supplies and less knowledge of how to survive. Misadventures begin occurring at an alarming rate.

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