Conquering Math Phobia systematically attacks the problem of math illiteracy and teaches readers the practical mathematical skills that can open doors to higher achievement in their personal and professional lives. Conquering Math Phobia walks readers through the basics and provides examples of how math applies to everyday living. 78 illustrations.

Conquering Math Phobia


CHAPTER 1   What Is Math Phobia?
CHAPTER 2   Numbers
CHAPTER 3   More Numbers
CHAPTER 4   Mastering Addition
CHAPTER 5   Subtraction
CHAPTER 6   Multiplication
CHAPTER 7   Division
CHAPTER 8   Negative Numbers
CHAPTER 9   Changing One Fraction Into Another
CHAPTER 10   Fractions Made Easy
CHAPTER 11   Decimals
CHAPTER 12   Changing Fractions Into Decimals
CHAPTER 13   Using Equations to Solve Problems
CHAPTER 14   Percentages
CHAPTER 15   Playing with Powers and Roots
CHAPTER 16   Applications
CHAPTER 17   Computing Areas and Volumes
CHAPTER 18   Interesting Interest Rates
CHAPTER 19   The Joys of Mental Arithmetic
CHAPTER 20   Money Power
CHAPTER 21   Charts and Graphs
CHAPTER 22   Statistics--More Personal Power
CHAPTER 23   Puzzles and Pleasures