Awarded Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Titles 1997

Mathematical Mysteries

Table of Contents


CHAPTER 1    Discovery of the Number Sequence

CHAPTER 2    Numbers and the Occult

CHAPTER 3    Sequences and Series

CHAPTER 4    The Family of Numbers

CHAPTER 5    Story For a Rich Man>

CHAPTER 6    Exotic Connections

CHAPTER 7    Closing in on the Primes

CHAPTER 8    Primes in Depth

CHAPTER 9    Primes and Secret Codes

CHAPTER 10    The Remarkable Ramanujan

CHAPTER 11    Ramanujan’s Equations

CHAPTER 12    Goldbach’s Conjecture

CHAPTER 13    Deepest Mysteries

CHAPTER 14    Into the Stratosphere

“Calvin Clawson has once again produced a splendid, delightful, handsome book about mathematics. His intent this time, at which he succeeds admirably, is to introduce laymen to the fantastic beauty of pure numbers and, yes, to the greatest of their profound, unsolved mysteries.” Martin Gardner